About DQ

Our Vision

For Queensland to be recognised as a leader in the sport of dressage throughout Australia

Mission Statement

To promote, develop and grow the sport of dressage in Queensland by providing leadership, services and programs from grass roots to elite level by:

  • Supporting the State's dressage riders and officials to reach their desired potential;
  • To administer the rules of the sport with commitment to fairness and integrity; and
  • Encouraging interest, development and participation of dressage in Queensland by working productively with affiliated groups.

About Dressage Queensland

Dressage Queensland (DQ) is a voluntary, sport discipline sub-committee of Equestrian Queensland, dedicated to dressage. 

Dressage Qld is dedicated to education, the recognition of achievement and the promotion of dressage. Dressage Qld is a tax-exempt non-profit organisation with many different educational programs, along with affiliated local and regional clubs.

Committee Contact Details

Chair Anita Barton [email protected]
Vice-Chair Kim Tenkate   [email protected]
Minute Secretary Jenny Rykoff [email protected]
Correspondence Secretary Linda Laing [email protected]
Treasurer Racheal Spring [email protected]  
 Members Nicole Tough [email protected]
  Kristy Battista [email protected]
  Kerri-Lee Ryder [email protected] 
  Ashley Pryde
[email protected]
Talent Recognition Squad Manager Kim Tenkate [email protected]
Club  Representative Kerri-Lee Ryder

[email protected]

Club Liaison Representative Ashley Pryde

[email protected]


Kerri-Lee Ryder

Kay Paulsen

[email protected]

DQ Riders Rep

Daisy Fielding

Nicole Tough 

[email protected]

[email protected]

Pony Dressage Convenor Kerri-Lee Ryder [email protected]
Officials Sub-Committee Chair Irene Bakels-Noreen* [email protected]
DQ Judge Liaison Jenny Rykoff [email protected]
Chair of Selectors Tracy Rathjen [email protected]
High Performance Manager Kim Tenkate [email protected]
Young Rider High Performance Manager Gary Lung [email protected]
Para Convenor Sue Bright [email protected]
*indicates volunteers who are not on the Dressage Queensland Committee

Qld Dressage Series

Kristy Battista [email protected]
Ashley Pryde [email protected]