Rules and Tests

These rules apply at all official and participant events across Australia.

   National Rules and Tests    

Some events will have specific classes limited to horses and ponies aged between 4 & 7 years old. For these classes a different set of rules and tests are applicable.

Young Horse Rules and Tests

Classified Para Equestrians are eligible to compete in Para Dressage classes. For these classes specific rules and tests apply. 

          Para Equestrian             

All CDI, CDI-Y, CDI-J and CDI-W events are run under FEI rules and FEI tests.

                FEI Rules                

                FEI Tests                

Exemption Cards

Dressage riders who require exemptions for modified equipment, or exemptions from dressage rules (such as not being able to sit trot, or requiring a caller/commander) can apply for an EA Exemption Card, which does not require a Para Equestrian Classification to be undertaken.

Exemption Cards

Stewards Corner

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