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Selection Information for Squads and State Selectors

The QLD Squads are to represent the State's best performed combinations. Riders in the Regional areas can qualify for the QLD State Dressage Squads like everyone else, adults on ponies can qualify for the QLD State Dressage Squads like everyone else and young riders on ponies can qualify for the Youth and Young Rider State Squad like every other young rider. All QLD riders are eligible for the squads, and their results and performances are what counts. 

2025 Dressage Queensland Squads

2025 FEI, Performance & Young Rider Squad Selection Criteria 

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Any person wishing to appeal the provisional squads is referred to the below extract of the Sport and Squad Selection and Selectors Policy - Part 6. Appeals.

6. Appeals
6.1 An athlete who is eligible for selection pursuant to this Selection Policy but who has not been selected may appeal against such non-selection only in accordance with this Clause 6.
6.2 Grounds for appeal
The only available ground of appeal is that the Selection Policy, including the Event Specific Criteria, has not been properly followed or implemented in any one or more of the following respects:
6.2.1 The Selection Committee has taken into account a factor or factors which they are not permitted to take into account pursuant to the Selection Policy.
6.2.2 The Selection Committee has failed to take into account at all a factor or factors which it is required by the Selection Policy to take into account.
6.2.3 For the removal of doubt it is not permissible to appeal on the ground that the Selection Committee has given too much or too little weight to any one or more of the factors in the selection policy.
6.3 Procedure
An appeal by or on behalf of an athlete (in this Clause 6 referred to as the Appellant) must:
(a) be made by 4.00pm on the day following the announcement of the decision of the Selection Committee by notifying EQ in writing of the Appellant’s intention to appeal.
(b) accompanied by a non-refundable fee of $500.00 (payable to Equestrian Queensland) (Appeal Fee).
(c) set out particulars in writing signed by the Applicant or Guardian of:
(i) the decision appealed against
(ii) the grounds for the appeal
(iii) specific details of the reasons of circumstances which support the grounds of appeal (collectively referred to as the Statement of Appeal).
6.4 The Appeal Fee and the Statement of Appeal must be received by the CEO of EQ within 48 hours of the announcement referred to in paragraph 6.3. Any such Statement of Appeal must be lodged at the offices of EQ at Sports House, Suite 1.05, 150 Caxton Street, Milton as outlined above.
6.5 Within 24 hours of receipt of the Statement of Appeal and the Appeal Fee the CEO of EQ must refer the Appeal to the Selection Review Panel. 
6.6 A failure by the Appellant to comply with any of the time limits set out in Clause 6.3 or 6.4 will render the purported appeal invalid.