2022 Interschool Results


TJC Australia Day IQ Tag On Jumping Results


Stuartholme Event Dressage Results Jumping Results

Emmaus & TSAC Show Horse & CT 27 Feb - Nomination List
*Event Cancelled due to weather*


12 - 13 March Capricorn Equestrian Group Jumping Tag On Results

Fairholme College Dressage Results  Fairholme College Jumping Results

13 March Caboolture Dressage Group Tag On 

19 March  Warwick Show Jumping Tag On

18 - 20 March Capricornia Regional Championships 

Dressage Results Jumping Results CT Results

Show Horse Results

26 March  Scots PGC College CT Results Dressage Results

26 - 27 March  Victory College Jumping Results

26 - 27 March  Rockhampton Equestrian Group Jumping Tag On 


2 - 4 April The Glennie School Dressage Results Jumping Results

2 - 3 April Gladstone Calliope Equestrian Group IQ Jumping Event Results

3 April Gladstone Calliope Equestrian Group IQ Dressage Event

9 April  West Moreton Anglican College Event Dressage Results 

9 - 10 April   ATTDEA - Dressage Tag On Results

16 - 17 April Rockhampton Equestrian Group IQ Dressage Tag On Results

23 April   St Andrews Anglican College Jumping Event

24 April   Northern Disticts Hack & Dressage Dressage Tag On

30 April - 2 May SEQ Regional Championships     

Dressage Results Jumping Results Combined Training Results

Show Horse Results 
Overall/Team Results


1 May   Eidsvold Show Jumping Tag On 

5 May   Roma Show (MEC) Dressage Tag On   

6 - 7 May Munduberra Show Jumping Tag On Results

7 May  Marburg Show Jumping Tag On

7 - 8 May   ATDDEA Dressage Tag On 

8 May Scots PGC College Event - Jumping Results Show Horse Results 

15 May  Somerville House Jumping Event Nominations List 

14 - 15 May Wide Bay Regional Championships  Dressage Nominations 

19 - 20  May Fraser Coast Ag Show Jumping Tag On Results

20 - 22 May Darling Downs Regional Championships   

Dressage Results  Combined Training Results  Jumping Result
Show Horse Nominations Teams & Overalls

22 May   Far North Qld Equestrian Group Dressage Tag On Results

22 May NDHD IQ Tag On Dressage Results


3-5 June Wide Bay Regional Championships 

Jumping Results Combined Training Results Show Horse Results

Wide Bay Regional Championships - Overall Results

5 June Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Club Dressage Tag On Results

11 June ATDDEA Dressage Tag On Results

28 June - 1 July Hygain IQ State Championships - Results

Team Results

15 -17 July Hygain IQ State Championships Eventing and Combined Training Results

CT & Eventing Team Results

IQ State Championships - Overall Results OTT & ASHS Awards


30 - 31 July  Gladstone Calliope Equestrian Group Dressage Tag On


20 August   Emmaus College Jumping Event Results

20 - 21 August REGI IQ Jumping Tag On Results 


3 - 4 September NQEG Dressage Championships Tag On Results

4 Sept REGI IQ Jumping Tag On Results 

10 September NQEG Classic Dressage Tag On Results

25 September  Gladstone Calliope Equestrian Group Dressage Tag On 

26 - 30 September  Australian Interschool Championships
26 - 30 September AIC Results Show Horse / Jumping / Dressage Eventing & CT

Queensland Team Results


23 October  Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Group Tag on Dressage *Event cancelled due to weather*


6 November Somerville House Jumping

19 - 20 November Greg Grant Saddlery IQ & PCQ Invitational Showjumping Event Results