About IQ

Interschool Queensland is a school based competition for Equestrian Queensland members, that provides opportunities to compete against riders from other schools in your age group as a horse/rider combination. Interschool is based on the official EA rules in order to acquaint the riders with the national competition programme allowing for a smooth transition to Official Competition.

All general correspondence to the committee should be made through the president and the secretary. (Scroll down for Regional Committees)

Interschool Committee

Chair  Clinton Peters [email protected]
Vice Chair  Matt Ostwald  [email protected]
Committee Secretary  Claire Power  [email protected] 
Event Secretary Emily Ballard [email protected] 
Treasurer Kelly Foster [email protected]
Dressage Convenor  Kirstie Ferguson  [email protected]
Showjumping Convenor  Patrick Lowe  [email protected]
  Nikki Doogue  [email protected]
Show Horse Convenor  Megan Drynan  [email protected]
Eventing/Combined Training Convenor  Monique Searle [email protected]
Jedd Johnstone [email protected]
EQ Sport Development Officer 

Melinda Robinson

[email protected]
(07) 3891 6611

South East Queensland

President  Adam Mckinnon  
Vice President    

Darling Downs 

President  Mick Nolan  
Vice President    
Secretary  Kirsty Ostwald  

Wide Bay 

President  Sarah Hoolihan  [email protected]
Secretary  Lara Krattinger  
Treasurer  Mel Larsen  


President  Trish Crawford  [email protected]
Vice President  Joanna Lowe  [email protected]
Secretary  Fallyn Freihaut  [email protected]
Treasurer  Kim Creed  [email protected]