Information for Riders

  Rider & School Membership Forms

           Horse Registration Forms        
         Horse Health Declaration                Equestrian Skills Registration      
Riders with a disability (RWD) Form 

          Spirit of IQ Award Form            

If your combination is not listed, please contact Christine on 3891 6611 or [email protected]

Current IQ Numbers

The IQ number template can be used to print out your own IQ numbers at any time. If you are unable to print your own numbers please contact Christine to request a number be sent out to you. 

IQ number template

 Riders who attend boarding school in a region requiring full qualifiers, but live in a region requiring reduced qualifiers may apply to the IQ committee to be eligible to submit the number of qualifiers required for their home region. Please include in your application some background relating to your application; i.e. whether your horse is based at home or in your school region, what qualifiers you have already received, and any future qualifying events you are planning to attend Request for variation to qualifying requirements

Qualifier query for Inerschool State Championships.

If you have a query about your qualifiers for States, please complete this form and return to the relevant discipline convenor

Qualifiers Query Form

 Step by step process:

  1. Base register your horse online (unless already EA registered)
  2. Renew your membership with EQ, tick the Interschool Card box and then contact the EQ office to reactivate your IQ number or be issued a new IQ number
  3. An IQ number will be allocated to you (if you already have one this will remain the same)
  4. A list of all current IQ horse & rider combinations can be found on the EQ website in the interschool section or below
  5. If your combination is not listed, or you have a new combination, contact the EQ office to be issued an IQ number
  6. You can print your own IQ numbers using the template available below, or you are able to request one from the EQ office. (You are also able to use bridle number holders, saddle cloth number holders etc if preferred)
  7. Ensure your school is registered for interschool
  8. You are ready to start competing in interschool events!

IQ Registration

There will be a change in the method used to register horses for interschool competitors commencing in 2016. You will no longer need to send in an IQ Horse Registration form each year. Instead, you will need to EA BASE REGISTER YOUR HORSE ONLINE once only which is now available free of charge for IQ competitors.

PLEASE NOTE: If your horse is already EA registered, you do not need to re-register your horse. If you are unsure please contact the EQ office on 3891 6611 or interschoo[email protected]

Each year when you renew your membership, please tick the Interschool Card box. Once your horse is EA Base or Life Registered and your membership has been renewed, please contact Christine on 3891 6611 or [email protected] with the rider and horse names and we will reactivate your IQ number or allocate a new IQ number for new combinations. You will still be allocated an IQ number for the horse & rider combination, so if there is more than one rider competing a horse please contact Christine on 3891 6611 or [email protected]and an IQ number will be allocated for each new combination.

It is important to note that EA Base Registration does not permit your horse to compete in official classes or Interschool State or National Championships. If you wish to compete in official or ‘above the line’ classes and State or National Championships your horse is required to have EA Life Registration, and you will need to upgrade your horses registration category.

EA Base Registration is free ONLINE only. If you wish to send in paper forms to register your horse, current registration prices apply. This is available to IQ members now, so you can begin registering your horses online in preparation for 2016. Part of the registration approval process is to ensure that a registered name is used only once. If your first preference is identical or very similar to an existing registered name, we will allocate one of your other name choices. We are easily able to change this name for the IQ number so please don’t panic if the name you have been using for IQ isn’t available. Further information relating to names of horses can be found on page 20 of the EA GENERAL REGULATIONS.

PLEASE NOTE: All horses must be microchipped in order to be EA registered (Base and Life Registration)

Further information about EA Horse Registration is available HERE