About IQ

Interschool Queensland is a school based competition for Equestrian Queensland members, that provides opportunities to compete against riders from other schools in your age group as a horse/rider combination. Interschool is based on the official EA rules in order to acquaint the riders with the national competition programme allowing for a smooth transition to Official Competition.

All general correspondence to the committee should be made through the president and the secretary. (Scroll down for Regional Committees)

Interschool Committee

Chair  Clinton Peters [email protected]
Vice Chair  Anna Starosta  [email protected]
Committee Secretary  Claire Power  [email protected] 
Events Secretary Deb Lockhart [email protected] 
Treasurer Rosie Turnbull  [email protected]
Dressage Convenor  Kirstie Ferguson  [email protected]
Showjumping Convenor  Kirsten Riordan  [email protected] 
Showman Convenor  Nikki Doogue  [email protected]
Show Horse Convenor  Megan Drynan  [email protected]
Eventing/Combined Training Convenor  Lisa Rink  
EQ Sport Development Officer 

Melinda Robinson

[email protected]
(07) 3891 6611

South East Queensland

President Alicia Johnston [email protected]
Vice President Michelle Beatty [email protected]
Treasurer/Secretary  Scott Pelto  

Darling Downs 

President Matt Ostwald  
Vice President Richard King  
Secretary Grace Buchholz  
Treasurer Kelly Sturgess   

Wide Bay 

President  Sarah Hoolihan  
Secretary  Lara Krattinger  
Tresurer  Mel Larsen  

North Queensland 

President Paula Barlow [email protected]
Vice President