2020 Interschool Results


25 - 26 January Australia Day Jumping Toowoomba Jump Club Results


15 - 16 February Combined Training Stuartholme School Fig Tree Pocket Results

15 - 16 February Jumping Stuartholme School Fig Tree Pocket Results

23 February Tag on Dressage Dalby Active Riders

29 February Show Horse Event WestMAC Results     Results Class SH04


1 March WestMAC Dressage Results D02-D10  Classes D11-D20  D04 & D14

29 February - 1 March  Tag on jumping Millmerran Show Results

1 March Victory College Gympie Primary Jumping Results   Secondary Jumping Results 

6-8 Mar IQ Wide Bay Regional Chships Primary Jumping Results 2 Phase AM5

Wide Bay Secondary Jumping Results 2 Phase    Secondary AM5

Wide Bay Dressage Results

Wide Bay Show Horse Results   Wide Bay Combined Training Results

14 - 15 March Fairholme Dressage Results

14 - 15 March Fairholme Primary Jumping Results

14 - 15 March Fairholme Secondary Jumping Results Secondary 50cm Results


**Events cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions**  


**Events cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions** 


**Events cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions**   


25-26 July Glennie Dressage Results  Glennie Jumping Results


1-2 August  NQEG Tag On Jumping Results Townsville

2 August - Jumping Results Somerville House

8 August Maranoa Equestrian Club IQ Dressage Tag On

9 August - Jumping Ipswich Girls Grammer School Results

15 August - Dressage NAGS IQ Tag On Results

15-16 August Fairholme Dressage Results 

Fairholme Secondary Jumping Results Primary Jumping Results

16 August Gympie IQ Tag On Jumping Results

22-23 August Scots PGC Dressage Results   Scots PGC Show Horse Results

Scots PGC Primary Jumping

Scots PGC Secondary Jumping  Scots PGC CT

23 August IQ Qualifer Dressage NDHD Group Results

23 August - Maranoa Equestrian Club IQ Dressage Tag On

31 August Sunshine Coast Show Jump Equestrian Club IQ Tag On Results


5-6 September NQEG Classic IQ Tag On Jumping Results 

25-27 September - Jumping IQ Tag On DDSJC Spring Showjumping Championships Results


1-4 October - Pryde's Easifeed IQ State Champs - Dressage/Show Horse/Jumping/CT 
Individual Results  School Team Results & Primary Overall Trophies

10-11 October - Pryde's Easifeed IQ State Eventing Championships 
Individual Results  School Team Results & Secondary Overall Trophies

2020 QLD Merit Team

10-11 October Tweed Valley Equestrian Group Tag On Dressage Murwillumbah