2016 Dressage Queensland Squads

Thank you to our valued squad sponsors Equestrian Land Developments – sponsor of the Dressage Qld FEI and Performance Squads, Arnage Warmbloods – sponsor of the Dressage Qld Young Rider Squad, and Caballo Equestrian – sponsor of the Dressage Qld Talent Recognition Squad.

Senior Squad Clinic Subsidy Application

In accordance with Equestrian Qld’s Sport and Squad Selection and Selectors Policy, Dressage Qld would like to advise members of the following squads for 2016.

Vitoria Welch
Nicole Tough 
Jayden Brown 
Anjanette Harten 
Sharna Glover
Donnella Merrett 
Emma Flavelle
Kaitlin Dooney
Kaz Roe
Shannan Goodwin 
Deborah Oliver 
Nicole Magoffin 
Ricky Macmillan 
Emma Flavelle
Sally Kirkwood
Rachael Bell 
Dean Izzard 
Georgie Cham 
Ebony Brayley 
Elloise Devlin 
Courtney Barbera 
Rosanna Relton 
Katie Lund 
Alistair Schramm 
Eliza Cullen
Hannah Barker
Annie Simmons 
Grace Clarke 
Kira-Lee Newman 
Indiana Anderson
Madison Layfield 
Isabella Wilkinson-McIntyre