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Posted by Equestrian Queensland on 08/07/2020.

2020 Pryde's Easifeed Interschool Queensland State Championships Qualifiers Announcement

The Interschool Queensland committee are committed to ensuring that all participants have an equal opportunity to participate at this year’s Pryde's EasiFeed IQ State Championships. 


Please find as per the table below updated with detailed Qualifications required.   Please note that the IQ Committee is aware of the impact that COVID-19 has had on the 2020 Competition season and have reduced Qualifiers as much as possible in consideration of EA Guidelines for horse and rider safety and fairness within the competition.

Regarding all Special Considerations, please refer to section 14.3, 14.4 & 14.5 of the IQ Handbook.  

YEAR 12 Riders. As Qualifiers have been reduced for ALL riders and cannot be reduced further due to safety, all qualified Year 12 - 2020 riders will be prioritised in the instance where classes are oversubscribed.

Regarding CT qualifiers for 2020 State Championships, the Committee is allowing the ability for riders to submit alternative qualifiers for CT from an IQ Dressage Event & an IQ Show Jumping Event.  These qualifications are recognised as easier to obtain than a full CT qualifier from a CT Event and as such the Show Jumping faults will be of 4 faults or less.  However, if you are submitting a full CT qualifier from an IQ Event, the Show Jumping results will be 8 faults or less , as per the IQ 2020 Handbook.

PLEASE NOTE – Pony Club results cannot be considered.  Virtual competition results cannot be used.

1- 4 OCTOBER 2020

10 and 11OCTOBER 2020




One full qualifier from a CT IQ event, with a minimum Dressage score of 55% & 8 faults or less in the jumping phase (per IQ Handbook 2020). Alternatively, qualifiers may be acquired by competing in an IQ dressage event and an IQ show jumping event. For these alternative qualifiers, appropriate height for jumping must be adhered to i.e. S J rounds with 4 faults or less :- 90cms could be used for CT 80,  SJ 1m for CT 95cm, SJ 110 for CT105. Minimum dressage scores of 55% at appropriate CT level i.e. novice test for CT 95 cm and above and, prelim test for CT 80cms and below. Qualifiers may be used from official EA eventing competitions for appropriate levels. If classes are balloted preference will be given to IQ CT qualifiers first, then lowest overall penalties inclusive of dressage and show jumping. Special consideration for qualifiers may be considered.


Two test results gaining 55% or more from an IQ or EQ tag on event. One test may be taken from States 2019. As per the handbook Medium and above riders may use 2* tests as qualifiers. Additionally, for riders without results from the above-mentioned events, the IQ Committee will consider results from any EA approved competitive dressage competition. If classes are oversubscribed, test scores will be averaged, and the highest ranking qualifiers will be invited to compete. *Year 12 Riders will be prioritised

Freestyle dressage - secondary riders can compete in this competition if they have qualified at the same level of dressage for the state championships.

Riders can apply for special consideration -preference will be given to IQ qualifiers.


One qualifier from an IQ event or EQ Show Horse event. State Championships 2019 may be considered under a special consideration request. Preference will be given to riders who submit IQ results.


Two qualifications and with a max of four faults. May be submitted from one IQ or EQ Tag on event. State Championships 2019 will not be considered as a qualification, preference will be given to riders who submit IQ results. Riders may apply for special consideration if there have been no IQ or EQ Tag on events in their region.


MER qualifying rules apply for all classes above EvA95, for EvA95 and below, a rider must have completed a full EA one day event (ODE) since 1 August 2019 up to close of entries for 2020 States.

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