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Posted by Equestrian Queensland on 30/01/2017.

Australian Dressage Committee Appointment Announcement

Following the Australian Dressage Committee election that took place last night, Mary Seefried has been re-appointed, whilst Fiona Selby and Virginia Creed have been elected to the Committee.

Mary Seefried will commence her third term on the ADC. Fiona Selby and Virginia Creed are both new nominees to the Committee and will be replacing Suzanne Cunningham and Kerry Mack who both served two terms.

EA would like to acknowledge and thank both Suzanne and Kerry for their time and contribution to the ADC over the past four years.

Committee members have been elected for a two year term commencing 1/1/17 and ending on 31/12/18.

The ADC consists of five elected members plus the Riders' Representative, selected for their experience and skills relevant to the work of the Committee.

The experience and dedication of all Committee members is essential to the further development of equestrian sport.

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