2019 Interschool Results


Tag On Toowoomba Jump Club Australia Day SJ Championships 25-27 January & 90cm results


Fairholme College Dressage & Jumping 16-17 February


WMAC Dressage 2 March

Tag On Millmerran Show Dressage 2 March

Aquinas College Jumping 3 March

Stuartholme Dressage & Jumping 9-10 March

Tag On Dressage Maranoa Equestrian Club 10 March

Emmaus & Springfield Show Horse & CT 17 March

Pryde's EasiFeed Wide Bay Regional Championships 22-24 March: Dressage, CT, Jumping, Show Horse, Showman, Overalls


The Glennie School CT, Jumping, Dressage 6-7 April

Tag On Dressage Tweed Valley Equestrian Group 14 April

Pryde's EasiFeed South East Queensland Regional Championships 19-21 April: discipline results, Overall Champions

Tag On Dressage Bundaberg Country Dressage Group 28 April


Tag On Dressage Tweed Valley Equestrian Group 4 & 5 May

Tag On Maranoa Equestrian Club Dressage 5 May

Grace Lutheran College Dressage 6 May

Pryde's EasiFeed Darling Downs Regional Championships 10-12 May: discipline results

Tag On Jumping Equestrian Gold Coast Club 12 May

Prenzlau State School Jumping & Show Horse 18 May

Scots PGC Extravaganza 24-26 May CT, Dressage, Show Horse, Jumping, Showman

Tag On Dressage NDHD 26 May


Somerville House 16 June CT and Jumping 


Pryde's EasiFeed Interschool Queensland State Championships Individual Results (both State Championships) (3-6 July and 13-14 July) Teams , Overall Trophies


Tag On Dressage Bundaberg Country Dressage Club 4 August


WMAC Jumping 1 September

Tag On Gold Coast Spring Showjumping Festival 22 September  60cm, 70cm80cm, 90cm, 100cm105cm, 110cm Jnr, 120cm

Marcus Oldham Australian Interschool Championships 27 September- 3 October Queensland Results


Tag On Maranoa Equestrian Club Dressage 26 October